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You might be saying to yourself, I thought she was buddhist! Ah ha. I am. I am however also studying wicca, and the two meld together very nicely. Buddhism is not so much a religion, as a way of living. I can live as a buddhist, respecting myself and the world around me while following the wiccan paradigms. I think of myself as an eclectic witch. I am more green and kitchen than anything. And keep in mind that this is my path, the one that feels fulfilling to me. If you don't agree, so be it- you have your own path, and we may never cross.
So, you might ask, what do I believe? Here goes...
1. I believe that all life is beautiful, and to be respected. No, I am not totally vegetarian, but I don't eat a lot of meat. Try a parmesean ranch veggie pattie- you'd swear its real chicken.
2. I believe that the body, any body, is a temple and that on should try their best to take care of it- that means no contaminating it with drugs, large quantities of alcohol (though some is okay, and healthy if not in excess.)
3. I believe that there is a higher power, who is gendered- notone or the other but both. S/he is loving and insightful, and pushes us through tests that force us to work  towards the best us, and creates goals forus to reach towards.
4. I believe that life is a game- much as you might sit out a round or two of any other game, and then hop back in, so is life. We tend to play with the same friends, assuming different roles during different rounds. I still belive in heaven and hell: heaven is when you sit out, the couch is soft, the sattelite in perfect order on a big screen with great movies on 24/7, the snacks are full, your glass is never empty, and the company is great. Hell is a hard floor, no company, a thermostat that is broken and set to high heat (like my dorm single), and the whole place reeks of onions and stale beer. I guess its reincarnation + punishment/reward.
5. I think that there are many paths to our great seat in the sky. And God/dess is the dorm mom who keeps us in line and takes care of us. She knows what we need, loves us, guides us, and grounds us when need be. And nomatter whether you come from yonkers or zimbabwe, los angeles or amsterdam, christianity or wicca, all roads lead home to her. And no place is quite as amazing as home.
Now what all does this have to do with wicca? Well, after much exploring and reserach (there is that r word again) I found that wicca most closely matches the way that I feel. It allows for me to choose my path- no you don't have to be dianic or whatever else. You can even choose Jesus/God as your power- that's the beautiful thing! Wicca is all about being spiritual, being a good person, and connecting with your higher power(s). Some people choose to cast spells,  or use crystals, I choose to offer other things, plant an extra tree as an offering, maybe burn a few candles or some incense  to request, celebrate or give thanks. I do enjoy the holidays as per the wiccan calender (established first)- which amazingly are the same basic days as the christian holidays (established later)! Amazing coincidence, isn't it.
Whew. There's more of course, but don't get me started unless you have time on your hands and a lot of coffee...

Neat Sites to visit!

WiccaNet: Pretty good overall site, worth a visit.
Joelle's Sacred Grove: I really like this site.. for celtic wiccans
List of Pagans in the Military: Pretty neat site. Part of WitchVox.
Gruenwald: Very awesome site, even stuff for the kiddies.. and you HAVE to see the herb room. I am sooo jealous!!
More awesome links to come
More from a friend:
heres one that has stories for pagan children stories are cute!

some are sites i have been to many times.
Reflections on Scott Cunningham- http://www.zodiacbistro.com/cunningham.htm
theres alot of authors on that list.
heres a few more yasmine galenorn marion weinstein,patricia telesco laurie cabot and tom cowan,marion green.
hope that helps lol.
www.witchvox.com (highly suggested)