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I think the links on the side should get you to where you want to be-
pretty self explanitory and all.
There is some stuff about me, about my research, and life in general.
I am a US Navy Submariner's wife, and VERY proud of my sailor.
  I am a scientist, a student, a mom, a..
well you get the idea, lots of hats in my repertoire :)

For a good laugh: Hey, Shipwreck

Sunspot Research Symposium
Independent Field Research Projects &
online reviewed publication in the
Bi-annual Sunspot Research Symposium Journal

Ambystoma texanum
This is the text of my published paper, written in conjunction with/as an assistant with Dr. Micheal Finkler at IUK. This has been published in Journal of Integrative and Comparative Biology (aka American Zoologist) vol. 41 issue 6 as an abstract. It's also in Copia, September 2002: 3.
Addtl publications are pending, will post them when they get accepted :)
A collection of random musings and junk.. through livejournal.
Reader beware.. boring things ahead.. LOL

Affordable wedding designs for brides from any walk of life..
My business online, which includes not only wedding silks,
but also planning, and celebrant services..
Over a thousand weddings strong, and still climbing!
Also, my Ebay Site. Check out my postings lately,
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Ambystomae Research link: Dr. M. Finkler
Check it out if you like.. there is even a link
with a pic of me with a pipette! LOL


Sunspot Creations: My Design Portfolio and Business

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