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Over the past few years I found myself in the midst of a spiritual drought. For 20 years I had been devoutly Roman Catholic, and felt unfulfilled. I believed that that was how a religious experience was meant to feel. But the more I spoke with others outside the Catholic Church, the more I realized how wrong that lack of feeling was. I began to explore other alternatives, and considered alternatives to Christianity as well. And the I discovered that I need not be restricted to 'traditional' views. What I found is that all roads lead home, and I began to follow my own spirit to a new awakening.
 I do feel that there is a higher power, helping to guide me and give me strength. But I think that it is through myself that focus becomes clear. I have the ability to create a better and more peaceful me. And to help others where I can, to do the same thing. I think the beliefs that can be defined as Buddhist inspire my way of thinking, and I have come to embrace it as a guide to my life.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order: This is an excellent site for a simple explanation, and some interesting information.

AboutBuddhism.Org: A pretty good site. It has some lists of very informatitive books.

Buddhist Door: Simple site, but some good thoughts. Be sure to read about the story of the cup.

Buddha Net: Some concise information. Pretty basic and straight forward.

Theravada : Some good information about this school of Buddhism

LivingDharma: Site about Shin Buddhism, a school of Japanese Buddhism.