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 I lead a Research Sympsium, and am active in the community. I manage a small bridal design/planning  business. I also work as an activist towards GLBT rights, and am headed for a masters in gender/sex counseling, or research herpetology, I can't decide, so I work towards both. Maybe I'll counsel kids on how to take care of lizards! I work towards alternative education, and support the NSRF. I have 3 spectacular children, and an amazing partner/spouse for whom I am now engrossed in the world known as Navy Wife... I have built a support website for other Navy wives, check out the link on the sidebar!
Also, I am writing for publication, so keep your eyes out for my work on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.com. I usually write Poetry, Prose, and Fiction,  mostly , though I am in process of a novel. So far I've have had 9 short stories, 2 books of poetry, and 2 scientific articles put into publication. Whew! I'm a busy as a bee.... but oh so much fun.

Hmm there is a question. I started out in school as a florist- not to be one, but to pay for my biology addiction *grin* I eventually picked up a designers license, and became a licensed bridal consultant. I still design- mostly custom weddings and consulting. But I digress. I am also a licensed minister. And yes, I have done legal marriages and all that cool stuff. (I'm good!) I attended Ball State, and then transferred to IU where I finished my BA in Biology/Psychology, after taking a break in between to get a degree in IT. I've lived all over the midwest, and will soon to be up and down the east coast and then potentially anywhere in the world depending on where my dh is stationed.



Anything with Katherine or Audrey Hepburn, Carey Grant, Spencer Tracy, Emma Thomson, Val Kilmer (From Real Genius through it all) or Pierce Brosnin. I'm also a big fan of Doris Day and Rock Hudson. And Ewan McGregor even in his  risque indie films.. woo hoo! And of course I still have a soft spot for Wil Wheaton... Can't believe they shot him in Toy Soldiers! And melted him in lava on SciFi!
Fav All Time Movie- Has to be Desk Set!
Fav Anime Flick/Series- Hmm. Battles Athletes for Kris, but then again I also really like Weiss Kreuz, for Ken. And of Course, who can beat Rei Ayanami.
Fav Kids Show- Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

Ellis, Enya, Anish, Enigma, Raffi, John Denver, Catie Curtis, KD Lang, Ani DiFranco, and ummm lets just say technotronic. And classical. And welll.... the beat goes on. The drums keep pounding the rythm in my brain.. la dee dee dee dee, la dee dee dee da.

Madeleine, The Genesis Code, Anything by Madeleine L'Engle, Brave New World and Anthem. Any Berenstein Bears. And Greg Bear. And of course, anything by Bill Watterson- I love Calvin and Hobbes.

 I like web design, of course. I like to write, read, and play a few computer games. I also really enjoy mountain biking. I garden prolifically during the summer, and tryreally hard not to kill all my houseplants during the winter. I love to herb garden, and I definitely put what I grow to use in the kitchen. Fresh basil is sooo much better than that dehydrated crap. I surf the web, and IM, and chat, and alll that good stuff too. I spend time researchng lots of things, like declining populations of ambystomae in the midwest due to various causes. Hmm.. what else... I sew and crochet, I like to craft, and I love to design weddings. I am an amatuer interior designer, but Chris is muuuch beter than I. For now I guess that is all :)