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Kathryn A. Cullum
Email: eshalon47@hotmail.com


To challenge my technical and people skills while filling a need in a work environment, and further a research directive.


Associates Degree, Majors: Computer Science/ Information Technology Masters Institute, San Jose, California. 4.0. Average Graduate Certifications Include: MCSE, Visual Basic, A+, CISCO Router, Novell, and CNE

Bachelor of Art, Majors: Biology. Ball State University, Muncie, IN. Transferred to Indiana University after sophomore year, 3.0 GPA. Courses include: General Biology, Human Genetics, Microbiology, and Genetics.

Bachelor of Science, Majors: Biology. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Expected Graduation December 2003, 3.5 GPA. Courses include: General Biology, Neuropsychology, Genetics, Molecular andMicro Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Independent Lab Research in Herpetology.


Biological Sciences Experience
Sunspot Symposium
Independent Research Organization
-Independent Research
Brian Hughes, KForce
Contracted to Pfizer
Medical Research Library Support
New London, CT
-Medical research database management
-Medical research documentation and submission research
Adam Anderson, Med Focus
Contracted to Eli Lily and Co
ADME Lab Manager at Lily Clinic University Hospital
Indianapolis, IN
-General Lab Skills
-Managed up to 6 nurses at a time
-Study sample prep/processing/shipping/result uploading
-Nurse Liason
Terry Ord, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
11/02- 07/03
-Video Editing and Archival for the Carpenter Project
-Animal Care
-Independent research on Chemical Mating Cues
Jill Gresens, Indiana University Axolotl Colony, Bloomington, IN
01/02- 06/03
-Animal Care
-Embryo Care, Sorting
-Genetic Data Archival
-Matings/ Husbandry
Dr. Michael Finkler, Indiana University, Kokomo, IN
-Independent Research
-Sex-related differences in the energy reserves of spring-breeding Ambystomid salamanders
IT Experience
Brian Hughes, KForce
Contracted to Pfizer
Medical Research Library Support
New London, CT
-Medical research database management
-Medical research documentation and submission research
Enterphase Solutions, Marion, IN
06/98- Present
-Tech Support in Windows 95/98/NT/ME
-E-Commerce and General Web Design
-Inventory and ordering specialist
-PC Systems Design
-LAN Development and Management

UCL, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
-Technical assistance for students and faculty
-Computer lab maintenance
-Desktop/ laser jet maintenance
-LAN systems

Floral Experience
Sunspot Creations Design, Marion, IN
03/97- Present
-Silk and Fresh bridal designs
-Wedding, Funeral, Event, & Everyday design (silk/fresh)
-Wedding Planning
-Event Planning
McNamara Bloomington, IN
-Managed McNamara Marketplace
-Wedding, Funeral, Event, & Everyday design (silk/fresh)
-Customer Service
-Ordering/Vendor Liason
-Managed up to 3 designers/staff
-Plant Care (Incl. Bedding plants)
Renaissance Floral Muncie, IN
-Designer (Part time/Seasonal)
-Wedding, Funeral, Event, & Everyday design (silk/fresh)
-Customer Service
-Plant Care
Landmark Floral Muncie, IN
-Designer (Part time/Seasonal)
-Supplied fresh designs for Ball Memorial Hospital
-Wedding, Funeral, Event, & Everyday design (silk/fresh)
-Customer Service
Marsh Floral Fashions Carmel,IN/Muncie,IN
-Wedding, Funeral, Event, & Everyday design (silk/fresh)
-Plant Care
-Customer Service
-FTD, Redbook, Telefloral


Sterile Technique; SOPs; Radiation Safety; Hazmat; Hazmat Shipping; Pipetters; Spectrophotometer; Scales; Gel Electrophoresis; Homoginizers; Centrifuges; PCR; Northern, Southern and Western Blot; Cell Propogation; Staining; Chromatography; UV; General Organic Chemistry Lab Work; Field Collection (Reptile and Amphibian Specimen, Botanical Specimen); Tagging; Amphibian, Reptile, and Rodent Husbandry and Care; and various other general lab skills
Microsoft 95/98/XP/2000/ME/NT,  PINE, OS 8.0, OSX, printer, scanners, digital cameras, CD burners, LAN networks, Microsoft Suite, Dreamweaver, VB 6.0, Adobe Suite, Freehand, A+ maintenance, software and hardware installation, HTML, Video Editing, Web Design, Basic PC Creation/Design.
Fresh Design for Weddings, Sympathy, Large Events, Everyday; Silk Designs for Weddings, Sympathy, Large Events, Everyday; Fresh and Silk Holiday Design; Latex and Mylar Balloon Arrangements and Displays; Display Design; Bowmaking; Cowee Picks; Steel Pick; Fresh Cut Processing and Care; Blooming and Green Plant Care; Wholesale Vendor Liason; Customer Service; Corsage and Boutonniere; General Shop Maintenance; IBM Register Use; Knife, Shear and Clipper Use; General Design Skills

Research Work

"Sex-related differences in metabolic rate and energy reserves in spring-breeding small-mouthed salamanders (Ambystoma texanum)"; Michael S. Finkler and Kathryn A. Cullum; Indiana University; 2001

References available upon request.