General Navy Links

Links to Navy sites, the Department of Defense (DOD) Etc.


 Submariners Links

Links to sites about and for Submarines and Submariners


 Navy Life Links

Links to MyPay, Tricare, and everything we Navy Wives use on a fairly regular basis (I find myself here often)


 Navy Regs

Need to know where to sew that patch? Or Check something out in the personnel manual? Come here!


Navy Shopping

The NEX, and lots of sites that offer Navy related items


The Infamous Other

Anything that wouldn't fit in the other pages comes here!



 Find a link to your command/base page, and find local information like area specific job resources, etc.


 Kitsap Area: Bangor/Bremerton


 SubBase New London: Groton, CT


 Kings Bay, GA 


 San Diego, CA


 Norfolk Area VA


If you know the URL for a Naval Base, and you'd like to submit it, we'll put it up. If you have lots of info on a particular area, email the info and we'll put it up of its own page. If you would like to be recognized for your additions, please incude that info, and we'll post it to give you credit!