As  far as I know, there are certain things that you get paid for the moves:

  • per diem

    (have been told it can be advanced, but don't know for sure)

  • travel allowance and hotel reimbursement

  • mileage

  • $40,000 insurance coverage for your belongings

  • dislocation allowance (), a tax-free allowance that does not need to be paid back. It is not automatic, however. You must ask for this allowance, and it is based on the rank of the active-duty member.

  • Moving costs for a DITY move (Part of what they would have paid if they had moved you.)


Mileage Rates (From the DOD)

1 Passenger...................15 cents/mile

2 Passengers.................17 cents/mile

3 Passengers.................19 cents/mile

4+ Passengers...............20 cents/mile


Per Diem

From what I have read, this is how it is figured:

Sponser: 100% of Per Diem Rate

Dependent over 12: 75% of Per Diem Rate

Dependent under 12: 50% of Per Diem Rate

Note: I also read on one site that the PCS Per Diem is a flat $80 per day, then figure the above percentages. I know that the DOD Per Diems vary, so I am not really sure which you would use, but it is one of the two- the DOD figure or $80. For the current per Diem Rates:



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