Local Resourcesfor tight pay periods..


~ Military Outreach in San Diego: (http://www.militaryoutreach.org)  They have a warehouse where you can get free kids and maternity clothes, formula, diapers, furniture.Listed under Operations.

 ~Salvation Army: They offer hot meals, food banks including hygeine items, sometime shave clothes, and always have activities and programs, including things lik efree haircuts, etc. ~Local Foodbanks

~WIC (Women. Infants, and Children) Good for women who are pregnant or nursing, and for kids up to age 5. Must meet income limits.

~Family Services: Food Stamps, AFDC, etc.

~Navy Marine Corps Relief: (http://www.nmcrs.org) They can provide grants and no interest loans, and offer a fantastic budgeting for baby course, where you get a free seabag full of goodies for baby!

~Friends: Buddy up so you can trade sitting with someone, and you can both work part time, watching each other's kids as the trade off so no one has care costs, just the income from the job!

 ~Printable Coupons

~Coupon Trains at places like Hearts of our Troops in teh Frugal section, or Hot Coupon World.


Ways to make some extra Greenbacks:


~Baby Sitting


~ Online Money Makers (http://www.navywivesonline.com/id43.html)

(See this link for a list of some good ones we have tried ourselves and seen some revenue from)

~Home Businesses: Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Arbonne, Uppercase Living, Luzier, etc.

~Part time, contract or full time work: Check out our links and helpful information pages for job info, and check out the base info for local job resources.




(Keep in mind some of these vary by franchise, and may not all offer a discount)



Back Yard Burgers

Blondie's Cookies
Burger King
Captain D's
Carl's Jr.
Cotton Patch
Dunkin' Donuts
Golden Corral
Java Cafe
Long John Silver
Pancho's Mexican Buffet
Panda Express
Pat & Oscar's
Pizza Hut
Red Robin
Taco Bell
Texas Roadhouse
California Cryobank
Jiffy Lube
Sears Portrait Studio
Travel and Leisure
Movie theaters
Ripley's attractions and museums
Professional Sports teams
Apple Computers
Bass Pro Shop
Big 10 Tires
The Buckle
Champs Sports
Checker Auto Parts
Copeland's Sports
The Discovery Channel Store
Dress Barn
The Finish Line
Great Party
Happy Harry's
Hot Topic
Kragen Auto Parts
NAPA Auto Parts
New York & Company
Pac Sun
Payless Shoes
Play It Again Sports
Pure Beauty
Rack Room Shoes
Sally Beauty Supply
Spencer's Gifts
Timberland Outlets
Wilson's Leather


Penske Truck Rental

Cell Phone Service Discounts for Military
Sprint: Call 1-888-703-9514 and reference "AAFES code #0109565715"-this one should be about 15%

Cingular: Call 1-866-246-4852. You can also go online to www.cingular.com/discounts

T-Mobile: New customers should call 1-866-646-4688. Current customers should go to
 www.tmobile.com/corpdiscount. Follow instructions to register for "My T-Mobile," and you'll get a temporary password

Nextel: Call 1-800-639-6111. Has merged with Sprint. New customers should go to a Nextel store; existing customers can provide their information over the phone to get the discount.

Verizon: Call 1-800-922-0204 They guve a 15% discount, but you will have to prove gov't affiliation (i.e. we took in an KES to a verizon store with my POA and it was fine)



Kat's list of ways to save $

 1. Think generic but don't be stuck to it. With a good sale and coupon, the name brands can actually be a LOT less. So make sure you comparison shop.


2. Shop with a calculator to figure per pound, per individual unit prices. That bulk 25 lb bag of sugar may seem like a GREAT deal, but with some careful planning, you could get it for less in smaller packages, and its more storable.

3. Probably should be #1, but coupon, coupon, COUPON! Look for them everywhere, you'd be amazed.. magazines, flyers, in store, newspapers, order some freebies or email a company with praise/criticism and they will send them to you. And if you see a sunday paper with tons, get 2 or 3!

3.5. Get a coupon keeper- no need for anything fancy, just get a 12 pocket accordian folder (the long short ones are perfect, like 3 or 4 bucks at walmart and worth every penny when you realize how organized it makes you. Having those coupons at your finger tips will save you a lot more than having to sort thru stacks and stacks in the store)

4. Join coupon swaps or trains. They can be worth their weight in gold, and you can even request certain things like diaper coupons etc.

5. Shop clearances. Not only are the prices lower to start, but if you have a coupon, they can even be free!

6. Don't discount a floor model. I recently got something I have been wanting for years, but couldn't afford, but they discontinued the color I liked, and I got its way marked down with an extra 10% off for being the floor model. It never hurts to ask, the worst they can say is no.

7. Mailing Lists. Go to Gerber, Huggies, Kraft, etc. Sign up for tehir mailing lists and they will send you coupons. So will Wendy's, McDonalds, red Robin, and lots of other places. If you craft or sew, JoAnns, Micheals, Hobby Lobby, etc.. they all have mailing lists with coupons, sometimes emails sometimes snail mail.


8. Never shop hungry or tired. You are more liekly to throw stuff into the cart that is an impulse buy and mor expensive.

9. Plan ahead. Get your local ads and sit down with your coupons, and plan out your attack. Figure out your route- store #1, then 2, then 3, etc. so you don't waste gas or have to drive all over town 10 times.

10. Learn the trends and stock up accordingly. Soda goes on sale 4/10 here a lot, or even generics at 7/10. So I get things on sale, stock up and make sure I can wait till it comes around again. I just also caught a rice sale, and managed to get boxes of Uncle Ben for free or 25 cents each, fantastic! When it goes up I watch for that, and stop getting it when it is higher, and wait till it drops again. They always drop it down again, its just a question of when and catching it when it does.

11. Know the costs around town. Here that same box of rice is 3 bucks at Albertson's, 2 bucks at Walmart, and 99 cents at the commissary. However, shortening is 3.50 at Walmart and 5 bucks at the commissary. Keep your eyes out and you'll find good deals at different places and you can shop accordingly.

12. If you qualify for WIC or food stamps, go get them. There is a reason they have the guidelines setthe way they do, and you would be surprised how much it can help. WIC covers a lot of people who don't realize that they are eligible, so check it out. And make sure you ask about the Farmer's Market at WIC, which gives you 20 to 50 worth of fresh veggies from the market over the summer by way of voucher checks from WIC. Sounds like not a lot, but its a bag of apples every other week all summer long.