Preparing for Deployments

: What you can do before they leave to get ready.. from weeks and months ahead to standing at the pier.

Making it through Deployments

: Ideas and links to other sites; How to get througha deployment whether its your first, 15th, or 50th.

Care Packages

: Our own ideas on what to send, links to other sites lists, and information on free packing supplies for military families.

Homecoming Ideas

: Looking for helpful ways to make it special when your sailor ports? Take a look here for some creative crafts, helpful hints, and great ideas! Be sure to email us with your own, and we'll add it on!

Kids and deployments

: Do you have little ones at home? Need some ideas on how to ease a deployment for them? Stop in here for some tips, some thoughts, and more..

Some places that will help with care pacakges:

Free computers for spouses or parents of deployed soldier in ranks E1 - E5.

Free phone cards sent to military postal addresses

To sign up for sponsoring soldier care packages for theater.

free shoebox care package.

free cookies.
800-610-8734 “Mili-Kit” or “Care Kit” Free packaging materials from the US Post Office for families of deployed service members.

Also: Be sure to ask your kids school, the local scout troops, and so on. Many groups are willing to adopt your sailor or his friends, especially if they have little mail or support back home. If you know a sailor who needs someone back home to keep in touch with them, be sure to adopt them, or find someone who can! It can be as simple as a card or letter, a care pacakge, or a holiday gift. It can amke all the difference to someone who is deployed and feeling lonely.