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We have undergone a HUGE change in the site, since we migrated with WEBON.

Please excuse the mess as we get it all reorganized :)


If you have questions, need some advice from season navy wives, and grilfriends, please join


There are lots of ladies on all teh time who can answer your questions there quickly (and I am one of those :) Don't forget to sign in at the newbie forum room, and let them know you found them from here! And the best part is: Its free!!



This site was born out of months and years of reasearch and surfing.  I discovered that I had no idea  what to expect when my husband first shipped off to boot camp. I was lost, confused, and felt very alone. I found a few other wives by chance, who helped me get started on my way as a Navy wife, and I decided to bank what I found and share the places I found good fellowship and answers!  If you have anything to add, please feel free to email me, and let me know! I am always interested in helping others, answering questions, or adding to the site.


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at Cafe Press. Cutsom items for all walks of life, especially USN and USMC.

We do deployment journals, clothing, gift items and more.


Need a cutsom piece?

We can work with your pictuures, words, and graphics to make that special item


If you have a business that you would like to have posted, please check out the Navy Businesses Pages..


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 JENNY THE MILITARY SPOUSE (http://jennyspouse.com/index.html): This is Great! And soo true.


HEY SHIPWRECK (http://www.tubdaze.com): A futuristic/Halo-esque version of the Navy that shows, well, some things never change! Absolutely a riot. Made by a US Navy Submariner.


HEATHER'S HELPFUL INFO(http://www.geocities.com/heatherw1223/home.html): This gal put together a site, with the help of those who are actually on the bases, about Naval bases and their good eats, where to find a mechanic, and MUCH more. Excellent..


HEARTS OF OUR TROOPS(http://www.heartsofourtroops.com):   A place for all branches of service to come for support. Formerly LMS: Lovin' My Sailor, this site has opened to all branches. Its a great place for the new military wife to find advice, information and fellowship. Its also a great for those of us in various stages of experience to learn more, or to share with others. There is a section for locales so if you are interested in mommy and me groups, or going out for coffee, you can meet others just like you.





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