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Come Back

It’s late, and still I can’t sleep.

I’d cry but my eyes can’t seem to weep.

Months now, you’ve been away

And I miss you, every single day

Without any exception.


I toss and I turn,

For your soft touch I yearn,

For that quiet, secure snore in my ear

That tickles, tell me you are near,

At least in my perception.


The days drag on and out,

And I want to shout

To the heavens to send you back home,

Because I feel so alone



Yet the months have gone by,

And will continue, and why

Can’t I make them go faster than this?

I miss your touch, your kiss

And all I can say


I want you. I miss you.

I love you. I need you.

Come back.

(c) Kathryn Cullum 2006