Things you'll probably use regularly, I know I do!


Active Duty Benefits and Resources: Big list of goodies,13190,Active_Duty,00.html


AMC Flights (Space-A info to fly military)


BAH Rate Query (Find out how much BAH you'll get)


BlueJacket (Not the online verision of the BJM but it does have alot of photos and other stuff.)


BUPERS: Check the current orders



Just have a phone number: 1-888-332-7411


ILRG: Free Online Legal Forms (Power Of Attorney too!)


LifeLines (Navy Wife)


MyPay: LES, W2s and more


(MyPay) How to interpret the LES


Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society


Navy Federal Credit Union


Navy Housing

Navy Lodge: The only place to stay!


Navy Rates Info


Navy One Source


Pay Scales/Rates



2009 Pay rates


Special Pay (Sea, Sub, Nuke, etc.)


PSA/PSD Global


RAPIDS: Base Locator (ID Cards, Etc)


Ribbon Checker

SRB Calculator (Figure out re-enlistment bonus amounts)


SITES: PCS information


Tricare Home Page(Military Healthcare)


Thrift Savings Plan




US Military Glossary 




Got a question about a term or acronym? Check out these sites!


Acronym Finder


DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms and Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations

Military Acronym Finder