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Molecular Biology Links

General Genetic Links

Dolan DNA Learning Center (Very interesting site)

Cell Function and Structure

Mol. Bio: This has a ton of other links too- sort of like this page but with lots of other stuff.

Neat site- Primarily for 2ndary students, but some cool stuff for anyone.

Lots more links- helpful for this class and a few others :)

Replication Sites

DNA Replication

DNA Replication *very good*

DNA replication(two forks) *great*

Animated Replication, and some good links

Replication in Virus

Rolling Circle Replication Animation


A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Transcription and Translation

Huge Animations List (Awesome)

Transc/Transl (Good)

mRNA Trans

Designer Genes; Rep/Transc/Transl *AWESOME*

Mutation Links

Human Gene Mutation Database

Mutations and Recombination (Awesome!!)

Types of Mutations (Great!)

Mutation Repair (Great!)

Mutation Types: Animated (Awesome!)

The Classroom: Mutation

Mutations, Etc. (look to the bottom of the page)

PBS: What is a Mutation?

Genetics Diagrams




Plasmids, F , Etc- This site is AWESOME!! And so applicable for this set of chapters!

Awesome site- You get a 2 day trial w/ only an email Think I might buy- it's awesome. The info is well worth it- basic explanations, and total understanding- remember Conjunction Junction? Reminds me of that during a few parts.... And it covers a lot of what we have been through so far- great for finals.

Gene Transfer : Mostly Text