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Wicca is a way of life, living in harmony with nature, feeling the change of seasons and celebrating nature.
This page is just starting to take shape, so please have a little patience as it evolves. In the future there will be some links, and some ramblings, and some generally neat stuff.
It has taken a great deal of soul searching to come to a place where I feel at peace. I spent 20 years as a devout catholic, going to mass 6 times a week for most of it. But I never felt really happy with it- it was a dull drudge of an experience that I dreaded every morning.  After I decided that enough was enough, I went through a period of religious withdrawal. On an offchance, mainly to learn more about some friends, I attended a workshop about Wicca at a conference. I think that was what really opened my eyes. Although I didn't agree with everything the lecturer said, the whole point was that I didn't have to. Wicca is about finding your own spritual self, connecting with nature and spirit and evolving into a better and more fulfilled person. To become your potential,without having to adhere to exacting and ridiculous rules.

We believe in a lot of traditional stuff, and non-traditional stuff, and a mish mash of bits and pieces, but more important than the action and ritual is what underlies our whole experience.
We believe in the grace and depth of nature- it is truly spectacular, and if you just sit back for a moment to really appreciate it, you get the jist of what I am trying to say.
We believe that being good, helping others when you can, saying I'm sorry (and really meaning it) when you do have trouble, and trying to do the very best that you can is the whole point.
We believe that family and love, and being an emotionally whole person is more important than wealth, stature, or advancement. Your family is your legacy. And to show them what is good is the best way to grow a great family.
We believe in life, goodness, and the cycle of birth and renewal.
And we believe in each other.  

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