Check with Fleet and Family for anypre-deployment lists that they may have. Some offer a pre-deployment class to help you get ready for your sailors departure.

Be sure to attend your command's pre-deployment night. Many times FFS will come and pass out calenders, brochures, tips, and much more.  

Make sure that you get a fully stocked seabag completed- many times the sailors will take care of it themselves, but in case you need help, helping them, check out our lists of what they should take.. if you see something missing, let us know what to add! 

  1. Sanitary/Hygiene List

  2. Treats and Other important items to bring

Make sure that you have your paperwork in order:

  1. ID's

  2. POA (Incl. a Housing POA if they require a different one)

  3. Car registration, base stickers, insurance

  4. Wills

  5. Phone lists and emergency contacts, especially people like the Ombudsman

  6. Anything that your sailor must be ther eto sign in person- be sure to hav ethem add you to be abl eto handle credit and financial matters if you are taking care of things for them. Many banks ad credit companies will not simply accept a POA- the sailor MUST authorize you.

Make your phone list:

  1. Ombudsman

  2. CO's wife

  3. XO's wife

  4. COB's Wife

  5. FRG President, Vice President

  6. Red Cross

  7. Emergency childcare back-up

  8. Base Numbers

  9. School contacts for the kids

  10. Baby Sitters, both emergency and standard

Make a list of repairs and tasks that need to be done- try to get things taken care of before your sailor leaves, or set up a plan of attack for the deployment. Make sure to think about:

  1. Cars: repairs, maintenance

  2. Appliances

  3. Home

  4. Any chores that your sailor usually does, that you need totake over

Communication: Make sure that you find out what kind of communications you will have: Phone, email, written. Get all addresses and emails before the deployment begins.

Set-up your gameplan! Make a calendar of events, and keep in mind that Fleet and Family can provide you with specialized deployment calendars. Remember to add:




School events and outings

Play Dates

Due dates for bills,  paperwork, and so on

Set up a budget for the deployment. (Here are some good ones) Make sure you include:

  1. Bills

  2. Allotments

  3. Income (Be sure to print off the LES every month)

Set up a kids plan...

  1. Be sure to check out our section on how to handle deployments with kids.

  2. Make small videos and recorded messages from your sailor to the kids

  3. Get birthday cards and special cards for the kids, and have your sailor sign them ahead of time

  4. Work with your sailor to plan a halfway box for the kids with special toys, cards, treats, or notes to remind them that mommy or daddy loves them!

  5. Make a special countdown paper chain with your sailor (and the kids) and have them write notes on some of the links, so that when the kids tear off the links, they can see a special note.