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Too Much

I sat down today,
for the first time in ages
and thought, pondered,
wrote pages upon pages
of crap.
Too much crap.
I couldn't sleep,
breathe, just thinking
how the possibilities
keep right on shrinking.
Out of my sight.
Too much distance.
I dont understand,
feel all alone,
not even your
voice on the phone
helps to quell it.
Too much fear.
I don't think I can handle
the rest of this shit.
The crying and whining,
and throwing of fits.
 It gets to you.
Too much misbehavior.
And then I wonder
what it is like to be where you are,
beg borrow and hike.
And I start to feel
too much jealousy.
I know its insane
and silly to bother
you with such weakness
I would really rather
you concentrate, and feel
too much love.

(c) Kathryn Cullum